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"I needed to soundproof my wall in my condo from my neighbors noise. This site had all the products I needed, and Joe answered all the questions I had. Easy to instal for a handyman like myself!"
-Jon L, Tampa FL

"Loved the one day UPS ground shipping to New England States. Very reasonable prices and outstanding products. A+ Company"
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"Joe knows his stuff. After a quick chat on the phone, I ordered the right products, had easy to use installation directions. Also, Joe was just one call away for any questions!"
-Kaitlin, Chicago IL
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HushFrame 400
Part Number 400-HF
HushFrame 400
HushFrame 400
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A general utility connector that can be installed vertically, horizontally, or in any manner necessary to isolate and mount utilities and mechanical equipment, box ventilation ducts, attach to joists and rafters to create dropped ceilings to cover plumbing and sprinkler lines, or attach to studs to create stand-off wall framing to accommodate added thermal insulation.

Dimensions: 7-7/8” x 2” x 1-1/8”
Adds 18 STC points to standard wall assembly
Adds 16 IIC points to standard floor/ceiling assembly

STC Rating of 57 on a 2"x4" Wall Assembly, One layer of 5/8" sheet rock on either side!
IIC Rating of 54 on a Ceiling Assembly, Two layer of 5/8" sheet rock on ceiling side!
STC Rating of 61 on a Ceiling Assembly, Two layers of 5/8" on ceil side!

Can be nailed, screwed or glued into place! No need for any metal channels or metal components! The HushFrame system allows a fast easy instal that any carpenter can do! 

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"New England Soundproofing products were easy to instal, and worked just as expected!" 
- Sue Lee, Boston MA

"Fast, reliable, and very helpful, NESoundproofing Store is the only place to get your soundproofing products"
-Mike D, Chatham MA 

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