NE Soundproofing Store Blog will be all the updates and news that is coming from New England Soundproofing ( to give visitors a view of what is going on. 

New England Soundproofing Store was built to supply soundproofing products that we instal (yes we instal) to our clients of New England, to anyones front door. Soundproofing is a easy/hard thing to do. It is easy because we have the products for every solution (well that was easy). It is a hard to do because you have to make sure everything is properly installed. Without proper installation the material wont work the way it should, but with the instructions and help from New England Soundproofing, we can make sure you properly instal these products. We feel that any do-it-yourselfer, or any contractor can properly instal the material. 

After giving you a run down on what NE Soundproofing Store is about, now its time on why we are the better soundproofing company. New England Soundproofing is a company that strives on perfection. What that means is that we either do it right, or not at all. Right from the beginning we tell the truth, and sometimes that leads to us to loose the sale. We would rather loose a sale than to have a unhappy customer. 

New England Soundproofing is a pure soundproofing company that not only sells the product, but INSTALS the product as well. What this means is that we deal with client one-on-one. Compare to ALL other soundproofing companies who sell there products from who knows where, New England Soundproofing is there with the client face-to-face.  We know exactly what product works and why. Most soundproofing companies are just salesman behind a phone selling products off of a sheet and don't know how well this product really works or how to exactly instal it. New England Soundproofing has many years of experience installing the product so we know exactly what works, how it should be installed, and the best way to stop the noise. After actual instals, we see what materials can go there, we can see the finish product, how well it works, and learn off that. All these factors play into how we can sell the material to customer not in New England to make sure they get the right material. 

So if you are in the New England region, and need to have soundproofing products installed, call New England Soundproofing. For those who are not in the New England area, but would love to have expert advice on soundproofing, give us a call and we can provide you with the best soundproofing material. We are a hands on soundproofing company, not just one that is here to sell you anything to just make a sale!

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